Woman Trafficking Is Badness

By Maid Corbic

Maid Corbic from Tuzla, 21 years old. In his spare time he writes poetry that repeatedly praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and he is moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the First Virtual Art portal led by Dijana Uherek Stevanovic, and the selector of the competition at a page of the same name that aims to bring together all poets around the world. Many works have also been published in anthologies and journals (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Salvador, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Croatia, Serbia, etc.) as well as printed copies of the anthology of poems “Sea in the palm of your hand“, „Stories from Isolation”, and “Kosovo Peony” and others.

Women have great power to change the world for some better things and we have to give them recognition and all the decorations of this world because they are one heroine ready to save this places from men’s eyes in a best ever way. We face many challenges, a woman’s life is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. It is easiest for everyone today to come true and use it on a daily basis just because she is a woman who wants a new and sincere change. Because no single woman deserves to be in the gender-based violence perpetrated by men, regardless of whether they were in a rage or not. for all the generations that one days will surely ds this world emerge as responsible girls and today tomorrow women heroines ready to make world a special place. We must say that today’s women are very fashionable and smart in every sense, so that today’s era is forcing us all to be under malversation and trafficking people without any shame and embarrassment. affects them? Because a woman still has no power to escape the evil eyes of men who ruin in their own way to be everything they are not. Although women today are kept in the colonies and in the world it is generally known that they have very clear ideas in every segment, we must also say that all countries of this world are in their own way special and that none of them can and must be at all. neglected. The desires of an honest woman may be strange to some, and in the end the realization is that there may be something better. In this way, trafficking in the country is mostly used by men, because they are the most vulnerable. They catch oh in situations when it is impossible for understand, and a woman as a woman, lightly argues that life is magic and that it brings with it some better rose and a better tomorrow for existence. They often fall asleep and they sift their bodies every day, but unfortunately it doesn’t end well for them. Because what is a dancing woman, apart from oppression in the modern age, and which, unfortunately, are in any way enforced only because they are women and have perhaps less than men? But as the era changes and some time comes, we realize that everything that is created is contrary to all expectations and that a woman today must have equal rights. Until yesterday, women fought for equality where men fought battles, so has the time come for them to be oppressed and ready to fight for someone who cares more than anything else? Why do those times and jokes come so gloomy and silly that no one appreciates women like moral immovable anymore? Everyone likes their wife to be their servant and to use everything in every way that they are not, because who cares today that it is important for a woman to be seen in one brow or outside? Today, the vast majority of women are strong, but it happens to trafficking and trade over the country for the sake of the level as in the old days before the new era happens because impossibility to get rid of rural parts of the world but also money gives the impression that the weather is very bad and many do not salvation from these events. And we can’t teach a lot to such people, because the organizations are powerless despite the efforts to get rid of it all and to be like long time before, because all these times they write very eloquently. And we do not want to understand that we sometimes have a problem and we allow ourselves to be everything we are but we are not. with women, she can never be more tolerant and she must be ready to take on endeavours that are sometimes very difficult, and the understanding of the reason that the female population suffers only because we are powerless to keep things under control and drive us to tears and be in suffering agony. Sometimes there is no solution except that we understand that the world needs optimism and that women are sunniest when they are truly alone, because they must never be left behind, not even in a single instant case. Every woman must have equality and goodwill in everything and help to be a victim of something. Although today it is very difficult if you ask someone because a woman believes a lot when she falls in love and thinks that she will do everything to make the most of herself, and she does not understand that everything that hurts can be very fatal and from some situation the brain will never come out alive. Bit, what is worth saying to people who believe today that love can pay for everything, and the mercy of some who fade with time when it is realized that a certain person was we were there as an object of isolation and laughter that will never be honest. Because there is this evil blood in people, especially men, who use girls as dungeon slaves, so they use them as sex slaves. The woman didn’t deserve it. Every woman must know that she never laughs and that she can have help if she gives only the maximum of herself, because everything else can fall into the water if she does not have the ability to say what happens in life or can not find help when whatever it takes most. Because all of us can judge such actions even though we are not aware of the horn, that people need help when needed and that we must never tease someone just because they are over different, educated in shape and body, and even genes. Our destinies sometimes come together and we can’t, but we realize that our world is a strange field where we really talk about ourselves if we don’t help others when they are in trouble. women really deserve everything in this world and they have to do their best if they want some of the best for themselves. There is nothing left but what they want if they don’t like it and hear the truth, and that violence is a very harmful thing and that no one can do it anymore nor can it be normal because it has moral values, then the understanding is female violence and trafficking human trafficking when brings us all to the questions and stage of life where we realize that our reason and existence is very weird. As time goes by, we see that sometimes reality is different from our own, we often ask ourselves if it is possible, so that some things are so easy for us to miss, so we don’t see anything other than unreal and maybe we are just listeners of this room where we want to put ourselves in some unnatural events, and thus to create this world that is already weird in some new areas of unrest and mercy. We will never understand, but we do not understand that the world needs a little optimism and that every right is gentle for someone who is useful in various possible ways. We were not born to lightly give tickets to other men and to put sauces on us because we must be obedient and be female. We have to resist and find ways to overcome that pain and empathy when we go through two ways because the pain is very severe when we see that our life passes in insomnia and we can’t fight all the conditions but also the events. but certainly without any questions or injecting. We must be afraid of the everybody machine to take all the things we have under our breath and run away from it, because for people today is the most important thing, they only say what is important to them. And women are standing aside, leaking horses are running out of money, and women who can’t mentally or physically resist while they wait and wait for their fate will be what it will be for them, which is a very pitiful thing but a sad thing that they sometimes call themselves aware of. On the other hand, we can spend a lot of time on some things because we will never know how it happened, but we can say that in modern times there is more and more fear that he will not be able to go to the city as he used to be free just because Women are very special beings and they think that men can do whatever they want with them. In fact since I was born and it can’t be clear how they have those profiles where they like her people, but justice is hard to come by as in everything so far because the world is very pissed and arrogant to look at the team eyes of sincerity and love you. The world has become very strange and can no longer recover from the impact of inflicting any pain on people whose horses have been harmed, especially women. Because human trafficking is hard, they are fighting for money, but they are also afraid that they will be killed. Because what is worth today in this age of immorality and shame ds we return movies and ds we think that everything is fine, while on the other hand it is not and will never be ds. We can’t blame anyone but the one who did it, because time is changing and the weather has become very strange and scarce. unfortunates? What is the point of men fighting for everything they are not and for those unfortunates to be the target of good things while women suffer? Women suffer and cannot be cured and men love that hell and immorality to judge without any shame or embarrassment while everyone is looking at it from some general angle that women are crazy. Well, they are not, they are victims it will be too late, but the home reacts to all that for some time and time until someone pays for it, unfortunately. And in all this, the family turns out to be nobody else. No one knows how life can turn and so we need to know that human trafficking is a dangerous thing and that unfortunately there are no solutions in this era because everything that is abnormal is allowed publicly, although organizations try to do their job but it is very difficult unfortunately. Women’s intuition of the road can tell us that the earthly thing is very difficult and incomprehensible to many to understand, but we must also believe in all things, there is a bad life in which we must be happy and happy. That is why we believe that we believe in miracles and that we will not remain slaves to that time of anxiety and fear. And life is so fleeting that we do not know a part of ourselves and a part of the trail that we created without any stampede and thinking because times are very strange and nothing remains but to tell everyone that our hope must be created in a special way that we carry nothing. because we can believe in ourselves and nothing more. Because everything can and will pass, but we must know that every day is a challenge and so trafficking is for us is also a big awareness to live in the age of where we can not relax in no case, unfortunately, but to give us hope, such as social support and the belief that everything will be fine one day, but that emotions remain there and that they can not be easily erased, unfortunately, as we think. ds women’s trafficking is very difficult and painful, especially as young people and beautiful intrusions into those states from which they can not get out and only a quick reaction we can prevent the spread and catch the villains in action and shoot in public. In every time outcome that we create, we should also know that everything we create is just a life epoch from which we can understand that desires and possibilities are one thing, and actions are quite another. And nothing can happen to us when we create that abuse and we think that women are oppressed. Because the example of this trafficking in women is things created by men themselves, and one axis of such examples, unfortunately, is that this case also happens in schools. Namely, when a woman feels that she is no longer fluent and safe in her environment, then she believes that she is no longer safe and that she has to get out of a vicious situation. that there are such cases by the day, the children are sold to someone else. Because today everything is for nothing, unfortunately, and none of us understands, and this is a very difficult problem and the outcome on which our lives really depend, which will turn into a case that no one will be able to understand anymore. And times are becoming very difficult and scarce because every day we try to listen to the advice of parents and that is unfortunately impossible because people have unfortunately become such evil that it is impossible to resist the violence that destroys married life and stagnation of a woman to be moral. Because of this trafficking and violence that we create ourselves, initiating an attitude that it is morally good creates a bad image of these things and encourages that it is a good thing in life, and it is a very sad thing unfortunately in this world that destroys and tears us all apart. pieces anyway without any shame or badness. Because what is left for us but the hope that the world needs only some slightly brighter and better colours for the future that has become dark. Our understanding is also that the time is coming where violence is accepted in a general sense and that human trafficking is a very burning topic, but that people are sceptical from the public eye. The obvious problem is that in ourselves there is a problem, because it is impossible to hide everything that I have is biased and realistic on the one hand. Because how can we justify such things and realities on a world scale, even though we all try to be normal, that we are normal, not to create such things again. We hear every day that someone is suffering because of violence or refusal to help because of money and exploitation of moral values that are not at all equally important and interesting to achieve in this segment. Reality kills us and tears us to pieces as we continue to seek some truth and give others the hands of salvation instead of helping only ourselves. Unfortunately, the problem cannot be easily avoided, but we must also know and believe that the story behind every line of wisdom is violence and trafficking that we all fear. Because we are all just people who need to have needs, but at least we try to be normal and moral so that we give space and a solution to those who believe that the meaning of our existence is the goodness and love we give. And not to create child violence that is very flattering, but also violence over the internet. It is popular today, unfortunately, because of which young people are victims of this slave-owning campaign and offer their bodies for some portals, consciously or not, for money. Such situations make us often wonder if we are worth anything in this world created by other people, because we are really very special beings who walk. Some are idyllic and weird because they don’t know that love is all we need. And not violence to be exploited in public and someone’s life is ruined just because of someone’s fame that passes very quickly and when such things happen to your child you realize how widespread this breakthrough is and that time cannot unfortunately go back. But we must certainly influence the reality, which is very bad, with the fact that human trafficking is very bad for the future, which is sinking more and more without any shame or embarrassment, and we try to continue to exist in every sense. We are selfish if we say that everything we do and build is still for ourselves. No, such violence must be generally accepted and the culprits must not be hidden behind the screen, because then it creates great mental unrest, which certainly leaves traces on future generations. The victims of this form are nothing because they cannot subordinate their lives to new things and explore the world, because the world loves winners who give their best to themselves, regardless of what other people think about some things. And we certainly need to know and believe that behind every corner comes some destiny that often writes sad covers, so trafficking is very bad for all of us. Children also suffer when they go out of school because there is an insecure world that cannot defend itself from lunatics who are willing to destroy someone just because unfortunately we are not taught to fight all those battles of the world with ourselves. In our words, these people do not advertise because they want to use us in every way, shamefully and publicly. Human trafficking is the worst thing in the world because the sale of children has become very illegal today, but there are countries where, unfortunately, it is still accepted as if nothing had happened and how to continue to live. our team when we are not ready to lead the reality that is happening in front of our eyes, and that reality is that the world needs only a little sincere and bright colours, because in all of us there is still a spark of the soul that will show us new things or again decide for ourselves as winners what to create from our lives. Violence cannot be made available to people who promote it more than once, nor can human trafficking, which certainly becomes very bad every day. We will never understand the reality and reality of life, that victims of violence seek help and cannot get it. The lines are cut off because the inability to get the closest family opens up slave-owning times where people are a paid race. Female violence is more violent than male violence, although this may not be the case. Child violence is common, but there is human trafficking in business. Such people work illegally and somewhere far away they create a new travel process, but unfortunately all this shows us that the meaning of our existence is to be a strange race of people who can never understand everything we do and trade. The importance of our existence and traces of hope is to indicate that we are normal, that no violence is in and that we must be just what we are, regardless of the situations that happen around us. Situations and caution in the world segment of creation is that we are still looking for solutions and unfortunately we cannot find them so easily. What times are coming to us, unfortunately, we must understand that no matter what, we need to remain strong personalities and look for all the solutions that are in front of us in the hope that maybe one day we will be better. Human casualties are a very difficult stage of life and our understanding is that the aspiration of our existence is that gender-based violence is also known to all. Sexual violence is also known as an unnatural and very difficult condition where today such persons are hidden from the public. Also, trafficking in men is known for some actions that are unfortunately not correct and it all creates a new beginning and events that will never be able to be realized in every possible way the way we want it to happen. Human trafficking is a very serious problem and we have to get rid of it seriously in the whole world, because only with such events and situations can we hope that we will be better. Because, after all, there is a problem in us that we had bad lives and we create child violence and children do not have a childhood, they do not have a normal life, online violence is accepted and there is a lot more that we force to be everything we are not. The solution is far away, when we are at least there, by the applications of the heirs who will solve all these problems as soon as possible!


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